Interested In Buying Property For A House And Farm? Why A Land Surveyor Is Needed

If you are considering purchasing a piece of property and having a house, barn, and potentially a garden, you'll want to have the land surveyed first. Not all property will be able to provide you with these options, and you'll want to know what it's going to cost you utilize the property.

The type of soil and the grade of the land is going to greatly affect the affordability and your future plans for the house. Here are a few things you'll want to find out, and some of them a land surveyor, like the ones at Goldsmith, can help you figure out.

Cost for a Leach System

The cost to put in a septic system is based on the quality of the ground and the location of the property, and you want to get this estimate before you decide to purchase the property. This can be thousands of dollars, and even more if you aren't able to tap into the city lines, so take the time to get more than one estimate and find out what the final cost is going to be.

The Soil Isn't Farmable

If you were planning on raising a garden with your own vegetables but the soil doesn't have the right composition, how much would it cost to change the soil? Would it be difficult to maintain the soil so you can continue to farm it? The land surveyor can tell what's wrong with the soil and what you'll need to do to change it.  

Grading Costs

The house has to be above the groundwater level so it doesn't flood in heavy rainfall. Often this is the same height as the road. If you need to have sand or gravel brought in to help raise the house you'll want to know how much. If there are soil concerns you might also need to have gravel brought in to help backfill around the foundation.

You want to know everything about a piece of property before you purchase it, so you don't have surprise expenses after you are trying to break ground and build. If you want to have some land where you can have a barn and where you can grow most of your own produce or even some of your own livestock, make sure that you are choosing a property where you can do all these things. A land survey can help you make the best financial decision when purchasing the property.