Starting A Construction Job? 3 Items To Have The First Day

If you are taking your first construction job and you're wondering what you need for your first day of work, there are some important things you want to consider so you aren't uncomfortable on the job. You want to be prepared for any type of weather and working conditions.

Talk with the manager of the company to see if they have any requirements or brands that they recommend when it comes to work attire and tools. Here are a few things you want to make sure you have when you start your first day.

Work Boots

You want work boots that serve many purposes. You want boots that are going to be comfortable to walk and work in, that have thick soles so you aren't stepping on sharp objects and getting wounded, and boots that are slip resistant on the bottom. Work boots should also be water resistant. There are many brands and choices for those looking for durable and orthotic boots for a long day of work on rough terrain.


It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, it's easy to get sun burnt. You'll want to wear sunscreen all year long to prevent skin damage, burning and chapping. This should be a part of your daily routine since you could spend hours in direct sunlight, and the sunscreen will help prevent skin cancer. Getting a sunscreen with a protective moisture barrier will also help with wind burn.

Hard Hat

If you are going to be working where items could fall on you, where you could fall, or where you could get injured by tools or machinery, it's a safety requirement to have a hard hat. If you want to make sure that the hat fits properly and that you are on the only one wearing it and sweating it, you want to get your own hat to start the job. This can also help you avoid communal problems like lice.

You want to make sure that you are safe and comfortable when you are ready to work in a construction site. Make sure that you have a change of clothes in case the weather ruins your attire, a change of socks and any other extras that could be needed in your vehicle when you arrive to the job site. There are many items that you may need but these are a few great options to start with.