Impact Sprinklers And How They Differ From Other Types Of Agricultural Sprinkler Systems

If you just purchased an orchard, a vineyard or a farm, and are looking at the numerous types of agricultural sprinkler systems, you may feel a little overwhelmed. There are numerous decisions to make, and each one could make or break your growing season and your crop harvest. One of those options, impact sprinklers, are a very good option when compared to other systems. Here is how impact sprinklers work and how they differ from other systems, as well as why you may choose impact sprinklers over the other options.

Impact Sprinklers vs. Other In-Ground Sprinklers

Impact sprinklers are a sub-type of in-ground sprinklers. However, instead of just poking up out the ground a little way and then dropping back into their holes like other in-ground sprinklers, impact sprinklers are elevated a couple of feet above ground level. Their pivoting heads spit streams of water even farther and cover more ground because of their elevated height. These features make impact sprinklers a better choice than other in-ground systems because impact sprinklers can fully and adequately water ground plants, vineyards up to a couple meters high, and small fruit trees in an orchard.

Impact Sprinklers vs. Ground Irrigation Systems

Ground irrigation systems are valuable right at the start of your growing season, when the seeds of what you have planted need the ground around them saturated. However, once your crops have started coming up, the ground may need to be less moist and less saturated with water, making ground irrigation systems overkill. Additionally, ground irrigation systems are not a very effective choice for orchards or vineyards after the grapes have begun to grow. You can best control the amount of water used and how it waters your farm, orchard or vineyards with the impact sprinklers.

Impact Sprinklers vs. Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center pivot irrigation systems also have their drawbacks. They can only irrigate the land that stretches out as far as the overhead beams on these systems stretch. Even though they pivot in circles to water everything, they are limited by how high the crops are. They are also limited by whether or not you have clear lines in your field where the system can freely pivot without running over part of your crop, smacking into tree branches or trees and/or getting caught in vineyard netting or vineyard supports. The impact sprinklers need only enough room for their watering heads to pivot and the pipes to fit between the rows of anything and everything you are growing. Contact a company like Rainscape Inc for more information.