Dealing With Tractor Repairs And Breakdowns

If you own a tractor that you use for farming or other work on your property, there may be a time when the tractor needs service work or repair. Like other vehicles, tractors often can be serviced by the owner, but some parts of modern tractors require the machine to go to a tractor repair service to be fixed properly.

Routine Service

Most farm tractors can be serviced on the property by the owner for basic things like greasing moving parts, changing filters, and even changing the oil in them. Servicing your tractor daily is not difficult, and things like checking and filling fluids, changing an extremely dirty air filter, and other basic needs should be part of each morning's routine.

Some parts of the tractor are harder to work on, so you might want to have a mobile tractor service company come and work on the machine for you. If you are not confident in the work that needs to be done, hiring a tractor repair service might be the best option, but pay attention to what the tech is doing so you can learn more about your tractor and how it works. 

Some techs will walk you through the work they are doing to help you learn more about the machine, but be sure to ask before you get too involved because you do not want to be in the technician's way while they are working.

Computers and Farm Tractors

Many modern farm tractors use computer systems to control many different parts of the operation. The computer programming may need to be updated from time to time, and the technician from the tractor service will most likely need to come set up the computer after the update. 

It is never good to try and make changes in the computer without a tech or representative from the manufacturer on-site. Changes to the software can significantly affect the machine and how it operates, so making changes without knowing what you are changing could leave you with a tractor that will not work correctly.

Some tractor repair services are not affiliated with a dealer, so they work on several different tractors and equipment brands, and while they can handle most work, ask about computer updates or work on proprietary systems when you call the repair service. You may need to have a tech from the dealership come to assist you if the repair service cannot access the systems in your tractor or if the manufacturer will not grant access to other technicians.