Recommendations To Search Out The Right Riding Mower For Your Lawn Maintenance

A riding lawn mower takes your mowing task a step up from a push mower so you don't have to walk every foot of your lawn and you can complete your lawn mowing in a much faster time frame. However, before you select just any riding lawn mower, be sure you are aware of all the options available so you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some recommendations when you are looking to buy a riding lawn mower.

Choose Your Mower Size

When you are looking for a riding lawn mower, it is most likely because you need to mow a large amount of lawn each week and you don't want to use a push mower. A riding lawn mower is going to provide you with the capacity to mow more lawn at each pass with a wider mowing deck than a push mower. There are several sizes of mowing decks based on the type of mower you choose, with the larger mowers capable of mowing more than 60 inches at one time. You can look for the right size deck with either a garden tractor mower or a traditional riding mower. 

In addition to the size of your lawn and how wide you need a mowing deck, also consider if you have any tight spaces you will need to get the mower into. For example, do you have a gate the mower needs to pass through to get to the mowing area, or do you store it in a shed with the door opening of the shed being only a certain width? 

Look at Mower Options

Another consideration to plan for is the options that come with your mower. Be sure your mower has a shut-off switch on the mower's seat so if you accidentally fall off the mower when mowing on a steep incline, the mower will shut off instead of continuing to move forward. 

Make sure the mowing deck is adjustable and moves to the height you mow your lawn. You can also choose to collect the clippings or discharge them from the side of the mower. It is beneficial to put clippings back onto your lawn, as they provide moisture and essential nutrients that are beneficial to your lawn's health. You can also look for a mower that has a mulching option to deal with fall leaves. But if you plan to bag your lawn clippings, look for the mower's bag capacity to help reduce the times you have to stop and empty the collection bag.

You can also choose a mower that has a zero-turn radius that you operate with levers, which helps you mow and maneuver around tight obstacles or switch directions at the edge of your lawn. Or a mower with a steering wheel makes it easy to mow over uneven terrain.