4 Ways Laser Land Grading Can Benefit The Environment

It's not often that an advanced agricultural tool has the ability to benefit the environment while also making life easier for farmers, but laser grading equipment has the potential to be that tool. A laser land grader is a wheeled attachment for a tractor or skid-steer that includes a precision laser leveler and grading drag bucket. The laser leveler ensures that the bucket creates a perfectly level grade every time. It might seem like overkill, but here are four reasons why using this precision technology has the potential to transform the environment.  

Saves Water

One major benefit of a laser grader in a world of increasing drought is that it saves water. By leveling the land with precision, it ensures that irrigation runoff is limited without random accumulation so that the crop field gets equal water coverage. In addition, by assuring equal coverage, it also reduces the amount of time that the crops need to be irrigated. What seems like a small bit of efficiency can actually have massive savings in the long run. In fact, it has the potential to conserve water usage by up to 45%.  

Saves Electricity

By reducing the amount of time that a crop field needs to be irrigated, a laser land grader can also reduce electricity usage, especially if an agricultural operation is relying on electric-powered water pumps for irrigation. Since overuse of energy resources is one of the top contributors to environmental problems, this has the potential to massively impact worldwide agriculture.  

Increases Food Security

One of the major concerns in a world with a rapidly changing climate is food security. Food security means ensuring that people have the necessary physical and economic access to adequate food and nutrition in order to live a happy and healthy life. With increases in drought and natural disasters that negatively affect agriculture, food security is dwindling in many areas of the world as well as in the United States. By using precision tools like laser land grading and ensuring efficient water and energy usage, there is an opportunity for higher yields in crop fields. In fact, it can improve productivity by as much as 33%.  

Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

There is another positive byproduct of increasing water efficiency, reducing energy usage, and increasing crop yields, and that is a reduction in harmful greenhouse emissions caused by overwatering and overuse of water pumps and other greenhouse gas emitting tools. Studies have shown that laser land levelers, when used in conjunction with other efficiency-saving methods can play a huge part in reducing greenhouse emissions.

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