Great Craft Ideas For Egg Paper Cartons

Some eggs are still shipped in paper cartons today. Although they're designed to protect eggs and make them easier to ship, these materials have a lot of other great purposes. Here are just a few craft ideas you might consider using egg paper cartons. 

Desk Organizer 

If you have a home desk and it's used a lot, chances are some essentials will get scattered on it at some point. That might include staples, paperclips, change, and other small objects. You can keep these items more organized around your desk area thanks to egg paper cartons.

Each individual slot can be used to store desk items and thus make your desk area a much better place to work and spend time around. You can even mount these egg cartons underneath your desk and thus have a cost-effective storage solution that's completely out of the way.

Fake Flowers

Having flowers in your home is great, but they require a lot of work from a maintenance standpoint. That's why a lot of people prefer artificial flowers. You can make them yourself in an affordable manner by just relying on paper egg cartons.

You can cut each slot from the carton and manipulate it to form a flower like a tulip. Paper egg cartons often come in different colors too, so you can choose from a variety of options and really give these artificial flowers some life that adds a dynamic feature to a room in your home. 

Paint Tray

If you're looking to get into painting for the first time, you may not have a bunch of money for painting supplies. That's perfectly okay because there are a lot of materials you can repurpose. Egg paper cartons are perfect in this regard because they can be used as paint trays.

They already have individual sections that let you keep different colors of paint separated. You can thus keep multiple paints at a time ready to go, whether you're painting a landscape or famous building. Just make sure you inspect these egg cartons before putting paint in them as to avoid making a mess. 

There are a ton of craft projects that you can get involved in using egg paper cartons. This material isn't that expensive and there are a lot of suppliers that offer it. From paint trays to fake flowers, these cartons can give you fun activities to enjoy with your family. Look into colored 6 egg paper cartons for more information.