Have A Farm With Crops? Why You Should Use An Agricultural Irrigation System

If you have a farm with crops, you need to make sure they stay watered properly. This can be difficult to do by hand especially if you have a large crop field. One thing you can do is install an agricultural irrigation system. Below are some different types of systems you can choose from, as well as some of the benefits of choosing to do this. 

Types of Agricultural Irrigation Systems

One type of agricultural irrigation system is known as drip irrigation where perforated pipes are buried under the ground close to each plant. Water drips from the perforations slowly to provide water directly to the roots. You can set the system up on a timer, so it turns on and off automatically at a time that you set. 

Another type of irrigation system is installing sprinklers. This works like lawn sprinklers where water is applied over the crops from sprinklers that are installed in place. There are also sprinklers that are installed on a moving platform and move around the crop field to supply the water needed. This type of irrigation system is much easier to install when compared to drip irrigation, but you risk not getting enough water to the roots. 

There is also lateral move agricultural irrigation. This is using a pipe, a wheel, and sprinklers. The pipe is attached to a wheel and the wheel is connected to sprinklers. You rotate the sprinklers by hand, or some systems have a mechanism that is used to rotate the sprinklers. The sprinklers spray water over a set distance across the crops. You do have to connect a water hose to the system so it must be long enough. This type of system is not as expensive but requires a lot more work from you. 

Benefits of an Agricultural Irrigation System

The main benefit of using an agricultural irrigation system is it helps keep your crops healthy. This is especially beneficial if you sell crops to make money or if you and your family rely on your crops for food. 

Depending on the type of irrigation system you choose, this can also help you save money. For example, if you install a drip irrigation system, the water is directed to the roots so you will not have wasted water runoff. This can save you money on your water bill. Because you can set some irrigation systems on a timer this can save you time as well. With an irrigation system, you do not have to worry about your crops failing which would result in a lot of lost time for you and wasted money from buying seeds and other plants. 

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