The Benefits Of Using Manure Separation Equipment On Your Farm

Manure is something every farmer with livestock has to deal with from time to time. But a resourceful farmer knows that manure is not just a waste product. Manure can be used as fertilizer or for other purposes that will benefit your crops or farm. If you want to start making use of your manure in this fashion, you will need the right tools for the job. Manure is actually more than just waste, as it can also contain soil or other organic matter and then there is the fact that manure has both solid and liquid forms. Today, more farmers are turning to manure separation equipment to get the job done.

Manage Nutrients With More Precision

When you use equipment to separate your manure, you will end up with manure that is completely solid or compact, liquid manure, and then also some soil or other organic matter. Separating your manure into multiple types will allow you to more precisely add nutrients to your crops. You can lay the solid manure down in the fields but then spray the liquid manure on the crops to add additional nutrients.

Improve Soil Structure

If you are having issues with soil erosion or runoff on your farm, putting down completely solid manure onto your soil can improve your soil structure over time. This will reduce soil runoff or erosion and leave your soil more nutrient-rich for the next batch of crops.

Create Bedding Material

Solid manure can also be used as a bedding material for some animals. The solid manure is comfortable and will absorb water or additional waste.

Get Rid of the Smell

Have you had issues with flies or pests on your farm being attracted to the smell of the manure? Removing the liquid from your solid manure can get rid of the smell. You'll be able to go back to having a pest-free farm and also breathe a little easier yourself. Workers that have to deal with the manure will also likely appreciate the new, cleaner-smelling work environment.

Efficient Sorting and Easier Storage

Manure separation equipment can make your sorting efficient and quick. You'll also be able to cut your solid manure down to size as it will come out in a much more compact shape. This can help with storage if you are going to hold onto some manure for the long haul. Contact a manure separation equipment retailer today to learn more.